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Company Mission:

Potential Residents:


The Noesner Property Group is committed to investing in Columbus and renovating historic homes while giving back to the best members of the community through affordable rent.


If you have been an upstanding member of our community, don’t pay full rent!  Check our listings and contact us to see if you qualify for discounted rent!


About our commitment to the community:

  • How much below market are your rent rates?
    • This is dependant on the area and the home.  Typically we are 10-25% below market rate to community members in good standing/history.
  • What do you have available?
    • You can check our latest listing here
  • How can I qualify to be a resident?
    • You can do so by contacting us and filling out our application.  We run a background check, criminal check, credit check, job history, and eviction history.  You may immediately qualify depending on your rating.
  • What if I have bad credit or evictions on my record?
    • This doesn’t automatically disqualify you.  We offer opportunities to rebuild your credit through creative deposit structures or sweat equity.

Current Projects:

Current Residents:



The Noesner Property Group is completing a renovation of a vintage home in Merion Village. We are committed to investing on the Columbus south side and Olde Towne East in order to restore these beautiful character homes.  



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